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January 2017

The world is my oyster, darling.

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And I’m devouring tonight’s homemade Shell Out with gusto and a new fighting spirit. A quote I came across today was so inspiring, I’m adopting it ASAP. Don’t ever do something to the best of your ability. Do it to the best .


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  One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog is so that I could write about what I learn on faith and religion. Often times, what I absorb but don’t discuss – I don’t retain. Like, in that a-ha! moment, I totally get .

An Update


The first-ever liver transplant in UMMC was performed yesterday! Too bad we couldn’t be there to witness it, but I’m excited to see what the future holds. Speaking of donations – I donated blood last Friday. Finally, after so .

Calculations are my Achilles’ heel.


Did this question I was studying for my Paediatrics end of posting/shelf exam and got the answer correct! Might sound really lame to others, but it’s a small victory for me. I should really be doing more of these, in addition to clerking .