One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog is so that I could write about what I learn on faith and religion. Often times, what I absorb but don’t discuss – I don’t retain. Like, in that a-ha! moment, I totally get it but ask me again next year or even next month and I could barely recall.

In putting the effort to digest, write and practice, I hope it’ll stick better. Yes, I know it’s better to preached what you’ve already practiced but I’m taking baby steps here. Please understand that when I write on these matters, I am writing from a learner’s point of view, nothing beyond that.

It’s the start of the new year and I believe there’s a really important message to be shared here in terms of setting our goals. Proper, tangible, goals… not the ridiculous things people simply put hashtags on.

I’ve got my list down (graduate on time, improve my writing skills, etc) but one question I missed out is,

How do these goals help me get on the path of Allah?

Seriously, my resolutions should have been based on that FIRST. In the end, that is what truly matters. If you’ve got your mind set on Jannah – where the better, longer lasting things are by the way – everything else will fall into place.

Have higher aspirations because Allah expects great, great things from you.. and so does the entire ummah.

Photo by Joe Gardner on Unsplash

* Edit: This post was written before the NAK scandal came to light. While my views on him have changed, and I feel uncomfortable supporting anything affiliated with him, this talk was a good reminder.

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