I have no right to say that I feel tired since my day started kinda late… but it’s not over yet.

Not in the mood for dinner or a nap but I have to be back at the hospital in 40 minutes šŸ™ .

Anyway I’ve sent my resignation email to HHWT. It’s been a blast but I have serious guilt issues when it comes to enthusiastically researching about my articles rather than my studies. Not that I don’t love medicine, but I work best at it when I’m with people – and for me, writing is my me-time.

I’ve got a couple of adventures queued up and I think a break from writing articles this time around would be nice.

So let’s just hope my Friday night in A&E is well-worth it. I want to reward myself with a Ramly burger tepi jalan at the end of it.

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