One of my favourite artistes, Lorde, has revealed that she has synesthesia – and I genuinely view it as a gift, rather than a handicap. It complements her art so well, and as someone who experiences vivid imagery when I play or listen to music, I can appreciate it.

I’ve done a lot of things in my relatively short lifetime, but I can tell you nothing is similar to the feeling of having auditory stimulation so closely attuned to the workings of the rest of your body. For me, that is.

The conductor’s baton drives the narration of the story. People talk about hand-eye coordination, but when it comes to the orchestra, add the tongue, lips, breath, feet, throat and ears to that as well. After a few years, responding to what’s right or what’s wrong becomes second nature. I can’t possibly describe the satisfaction musicians gain with accuracy but know this – I’d continue it right now if I had the means to.

I’m having goosebumps just writing this. Listen to this one and let me know where it takes you.

p/s: a shout out to Seri Puteri Winds members – old and new, and music aficionados who didn’t have to scratch their heads trying to figure out what I mean. <3


Photo by Marius Masalar on Unsplash

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