If there was a keeper of culinary secrets in our family, hands down it would be my grandmother.

At 80, she is still writing down all the new recipes that we’re making… and in our house, there is always something that’s brewing.

I made caramel pudding out of spontaneity today. I sort of banned myself from the kitchen because of exams, but I guess I couldn’t help it today. Read: I was undisciplined and procrastinating to make something nice for my family seemed like a thousand times better than the stupendous amount of studying I should be doing. Yes, this is going to be a recurring theme in the next few weeks, you’ve been warned.


For once, I contributed to a recipe in one of my grandmother’s books! It’s usually me being clueless but hey, desserts are my thing. Managed to take a couple of photos with my new baby, and I think they look good. Probably a separate post for that later.

Au revoir!


Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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