Working a full-time job, writing a research article, juggling a small business while trying to enjoy my precious holidays – it’s obvious that I want to squeeze out the most from every experience. While I doubt that this is the right way to do things, (is there even a right way?) they’re already on my plate and I can’t hastily scarf down a multi-course meal.

I wanted to do something that did not require me being in the hospital 24/7. Alhamdulillah, I got what I wanted but I do find myself missing the hustle and bustle of a clinical setting.

I miss being a listening ear and a hand to hold.

I miss my daily observations in the hallways of UMMC’s Menara Selatan.

I miss the cerebral stimulation of questions from professors during ward rounds – even if I stumble across my answers and feel like an idiot. I like knowing that I don’t know.

Heck, maybe I just miss being stressed out hahaa.

A few clinical courses were open for registration and I was actually excited to enroll. With the depreciation of the clinical knowledge I’m experiencing, it’s what I needed.

Enough babble. I’ll end this with something that Malay speakers can probably appreciate better:

The Malay phrase for “to learn” is literally menuntut ilmu. Menimba ilmu. The phrase itself gives the sense that learning is a quest, and one has to go out and seek for what they want. Think about how in the olden days where people literally travelled for months across the seas to become a student of a great teacher. You can’t sit in one place and expect knowledge to come to you – which is why mendapat ilmu or memperoleh ilmu doesn’t pack as much of a punch as the first two.



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