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I remember being so anxious before starting final year. I thought it was going to be a real lonely time for me since the friends I regularly hang out with have already graduated. I’m talking about those who have been in my life for more than .

What my fantasies are made of


  One of my favourite artistes, Lorde, has revealed that she has synesthesia – and I genuinely view it as a gift, rather than a handicap. It complements her art so well, and as someone who experiences vivid imagery when I play or listen .

From A Year In Space

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“There are no men or women in space. Only cosmonauts. The demands are the same.”   “You can’t be on one side of the hill without wondering what’s on the other side. If you ask why do we go to space, you might as .



I have no right to say that I feel tired since my day started kinda late… but it’s not over yet. Not in the mood for dinner or a nap but I have to be back at the hospital in 40 minutes 🙁 . Anyway I’ve sent my resignation email to .

The world is my oyster, darling.

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And I’m devouring tonight’s homemade Shell Out with gusto and a new fighting spirit. A quote I came across today was so inspiring, I’m adopting it ASAP. Don’t ever do something to the best of your ability. Do it to the best .


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  One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog is so that I could write about what I learn on faith and religion. Often times, what I absorb but don’t discuss – I don’t retain. Like, in that a-ha! moment, I totally get it .

An Update


The first-ever liver transplant in UMMC was performed yesterday! Too bad we couldn’t be there to witness it, but I’m excited to see what the future holds. Speaking of donations – I donated blood last Friday. Finally, after so many .

Calculations are my Achilles’ heel.


Did this question I was studying for my Paediatrics end of posting/shelf exam and got the answer correct! Might sound really lame to others, but it’s a small victory for me. I should really be doing more of these, in addition to clerking and .



Credit: Pinterest   It’s about 5 months to the most important exam of my tertiary education. I’ve never juggled this many responsibilities in the past and it’s proving to be quite taxing. The need to learn at maximum capacity .